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So, you’ve devised an excellent lead-generation strategy and got your team working on it. The crucial question is: are your efforts paying off in terms of securing additional clients? Are these leads actually converting? Sales conversion rate is acritical metric to monitor in your sales dashboard, because it shows you how quickly you turn leads into customers. Once you begin calculating it, you will have a good idea of how well you are doing in terms of sales conversions. Here are 3 powerful ways to improve your sales conversion:


Engage with the most suitable leads rather than the largest number of leads

“It starts with the quality of the leads,” says Dan King, of Fistbump Media. “As a result, our Sales and Marketing units collaborate very closely to ensure that we’re acquiring the correct types of leads that are most likely to convert.”

“We’re not interested in simply driving a lot of traffic and leads from a marketing perspective. If the leads are good, we’ll consider less leads a success. So marketing and sales collaborate closely to uncover the factors that influence people’s purchasing decisions for various products/services, and then we design marketing campaigns that explicitly target those factors.”


Make use of video

Recently, Care Lamps attempted to enhance their sales conversion rate by leveraging videos. “We just trialled adding a lifestyle film, displaying one of our items in use,” Ian Turner explains. This has resulted in a 0.5 percent boost in our conversion rate for this product.”

But video can be used for more than just product demos. There are many powerful video communication tools on the market. Our favourite here at ActionCOACH NextLEVEL is Vidyard. Using video in email communications dramatically increases open and response rates, leading to higher quality conversations with your prospects.


Change or modify your call to action (CTA)

Majority of experts laud the significance of a clear and optimised call to action, plays in increasing sales and conversion rates. “We have noticed that integrating additional CTA or Call to Actions across our content has resulted in improved sales conversion rates,” Jennifer Neylon of My Supplement Store says.

“For instance, we experimented adding CTA buttons that link directly to items or pages to our homepage banners and discovered that customers are more likely to click the button embedded in the banner than the banner alone. The same is true for including CTA buttons in email marketing, and so on.”

In a similar context, Arnas Vasiliauskas of CarVertical says, “Our key to increasing sales conversion rates is to highlight the value of our content by creating solid CTA headers and crafting a distinctive and meaningful content body.” We ensure that the audience’s interest is kept by encouraging involvement throughout the content.”

In summary

There are other numerous strategies you can use to convert leads into sales. Most importantly, focus on providing an outstanding experience for your prospects - from the first point of contact to the point at which they convert, and well beyond, so they become repeat clients and ultimately raving fans.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve your sales conversions, book a free coaching session with one of our certified Business Growth Specialists and see how to unlock your true sales potential.

If you would like to discuss your business plan and make sure you are set up for success, book a FREE coaching session with one of our certified Business Growth Specialists and discover how to unlock your full business potential.

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