6 steps to building a better business

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” - John D. Rockefeller

Every business owner dreams of building an amazing business. And to build a better business, you need to build a better business plan. Ultimately, you want to build a business that works so you don’t have to. We define this as: “A commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”

“A commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”

And that’s where ActionCOACH NextLEVEL comes in. Our 6 steps to building a better business is a proven recipe for the system to building a great business for you, your family and your future. You will build the business you’ve always dreamed of that gives you the freedom and choice to do the things that are important to you. Here’s how it works:

The ActionCOACH 6 steps to building a better business

Business mastery

Eliminate the chaos and take control…
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Business growth

Build sustainable, profitable cash flows…
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Business systems

Create ever more with ever less…
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Team performance

The structure for future growth…
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A massive, well-oiled, synergistic growth machine…
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Owners personal growth, the sky’s the limit…
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The ActionCOACH 6 steps to building a better business are proven to generate massive results. Thousands of business owners across the global have been successfully coached to implement these powerful and highly effective tools and frameworks into their businesses, creating the lifestyle and business they have always wanted.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, the team at ActionCOACH NextLEVEL are here to help you build a business that works, so you don’t have to. Come join us, hang out with us and our amazing community of growth-minded business owners as we build a plan together for you and your business.

The very first step on this exciting journey of personal growth is eliminating the chaos and bringing stability to your business through


5 powerful reasons you should join the NextLEVEL community…

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Real people, real results

See how business leaders just like you have partnered with ActionCOACH NextLEVEL and used our proven tools, systems, and frameworks to achieve dramatic, sustainable personal and business growth.

It's been mind-blowing. I can't believe that in the short space of time what my coach has achieved for us and helped us with. We've got a clear vision, we're all working as a team, everything is in place, so it's a win-win really. - Jackie Kerr, Managing Director of Jackie Kerr Recruitment.

Jackie Kerr, Managing Director, Jackie Kerr Recruitment

It's transformative and until you actually do it you don't realise how much it can benefit yourself and your business, it's not just focused on the business. - Jim Mckellar, Managing Director of Orchard View Farm.

Jim Mckellar, Managing Director, Orchard View Farm

Since working with ActionCOACH, James and Sam have seen and increase of 116% in net profit with 8 new team members onboarded. They've achieved a better work life balance and are able to work on the business rather than in the business.

Sam George and James Dean, Director and Managing Director, Western Building Consultants

Since working with Action Coach, Jo Maltby of Willow Brooke Day Nursery has seen gross profits increase from 750K to 1.1M! With the help of tools and strategies from ActionCOACH she has been able to hire 29 new team members and significantly reduce her working hours to prioritise family time.

Jo Maltby, Managing Director, Willow Brooke Day Nursery

I've learned to run a successful business rather than have a job or be an employee of my own business. I actually run the business and that staff members have noticed the difference. - Joanne Ferguson, Managing Director of CS Cleaning.

Joanne Ferguson, Managing Director, CS Cleaning

If you aren't improving or changing the things that are stopping you from achieving your goals then you've got to look at yourself as an investment. - Harvey Sutton, Managing Director of Suttons IFA

Harvey Sutton, Managing Director, Suttons IFA

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